Operation: Wifi

When the WiFi goes out both Jose and Gus will do anything to get back those 3 little bars that connect them to the rest of the world. Even if that means disguising themselves as representatives from a local internet provider to steal their neighbor's wifi. Everything seems to go according to plan until Gus begins to speak. To make matters worse, they are almost caught in their own lie. Hopefully, they can get out of this awkward predicament they found themselves in.

Behind the Scenes

Normally a B.T.S. video showcases the making of a film but in this case the B.T.S. is a film in-and-of-itself! It contains a hilarious plot that is arguably funnier than the film itself. Watch it for yourself and let us know what you think!

Wi-Fi: Online


“Operation: WiFi” was written to be a 2019 My Rode Reel Short Film Competition submission. Due to scheduling conflicts, we were down to our last weekend left to film it. After an intense week of planning and preparing, production began, and “Operation: WiFi” was a go!


Expect the unexpected

There were many challenges we faced during production such as story shifts, missing cast members, and gels catching fire. Luckily, we overcame every obstacle with ease because we prepared for the worst scenarios, excluding the gel situation. We even foresaw the post production changes that we eventually made.

Operation WiFi Poster.png

The adventure Continues...

“Operation: WiFi” taught me the value of preproduction planning and how preparing could really impact the flow of production. Although it was impossible to predict the future, it was nice to worry a little less about certain scenarios and worry more about the inevitable ones during filming.

"Let it be known that “Decisions” was only..." continue reading in Chapter 5.