Technology is evolving at such a rapid rate that it's easy to get left behind and unfortunately for Ghostface this statement holds truest. He has learned that the technology that he once used to slay his victims has now helped his "victims" gain the edge over him and he's had enough!

Classic horror... But with a twist

With 80's pop culture making a return to mainstream media, I thought it was appropriate to pay homage to classic horror films with a little less "classic" and a "hint" of modern technology. I came up with a satirical horror short about a group of classic monsters, killers, and brutes that gather to discuss their recent failures in the haunting of their victims. Because technology grew faster than they could adapt, they were having trouble luring their victims in for the kill.

Back to square one

"Whatever can go wrong will go wrong" and that's exactly what happened during this production. I woke up to a notification feed of bad news. We lost the location to shoot at, the guy that owned the costumes was a no-show, we were down a few actors, and without the costumes our script was useless. We spent the next couple of hours searching for a new location and coming up with a new plan.

Prepared for success

We had a single costume, Ghostface, and that's what decided our protagonist. Clearly, influencing the naming of the film, Screamless. After a few calls, our good friend Gabe found a great location to shoot at. Once all preparations were set, we spent the rest of the night filming, and against all odds, it went flawlessly! This happened to also be is the first film in which I'm featured.

Screamless Poster 2020.png

The adventure Continues...

Something to take back from Screamless: I am extremely thankful for all the people that stuck around and fought to make this film happen. If it wasn't for a willing and determined team this film would not have have been possible.

"Let it be known that Decisions was never..." continue reading in Chapter 6.

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