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SCREAMLESS | A 2020 Horror Parody Short Film
Dopamine Productions 2

SCREAMLESS | A 2020 Horror Parody Short Film



Technology is evolving at such a rapid rate that it's easy to get left behind and unfortunately for Ghostface this statement holds truest. He learned that the technology that he once used to slay his victims has now helped his "victims" gain the edge over him and he's had enough!


A Classic... twist


Imagine a scenario where all the classic slasher villains are placed into a modern technological world and are unable to use their, recently, outdated techniques to slay their victims. Seeking refuge, they attend group therapy sessions with other classic slasher villains to discuss their hardships of luring their victims in for the kill. Ghostface, the newcomer of the group, would deliver a powerful monologue explaining his recent failures.

Flawed or flawless?

We had a single costume, Ghostface, but were unable to get the other costumes by the time production began. Production took place over 3 days in 3 different locations and each day we focused on a different section of the film. Usually, we will encounter many problems during production but this was one scenario where everything went flawlessly and the only negatives were the late hours we returned home after wrapping up production.