Operation: Wifi

When the WiFi goes out, both Jose and Gus will do anything to get back those 3 little bars that connect them to the rest of the world. Even if that means disguising themselves representatives for the local internet provider to steal their neighbor's wifi, hence, Operation: Wifi. Everything seems to go swimmingly until Gus begins to speak. To make matters worse, they are almost caught in their own lie. Hopefully, they can get out of this awkward predicament they found themselves in.

Behind the Scenes

Normally a B.T.S. video is a collection of shots that showcase the making of a film, however, this is one case where the B.T.S. is a film in-and-of-itself! It's hilarious and arguably funnier than Operation: Wifi. Watch the B.T.S. and find out for yourself!

Chemistry 101

I had just returned home from my internship and a new deadline was rapidly approaching. There were 2 weeks left to submit to the 2019 My Rode Reel Competition, so I assembled my team and we started planning. The only time everyone was available to shoot was the weekend before submission. We were in need of a second lead actor and Jose introduced me to Gus. The chemistry between these two was a total reaction! (Pun Intended)

Expect the unexpected

A week of pure planning was enough preparation for us to expect the unexpected. We ran into a few bumps during filming but having prepared for the worst allowed us to overcome the obstacles with ease. We even prepared for potential post-production changes (by the way we did make those changes). Everything went according to plan even when our train derailed. I would argue that this was flawless production! @ me if you think otherwise!

Operation WiFi Poster.png

The adventure Continues...

I really pushed the divine defining limits of time with this project. With less than a minute to spare, I submitted Operation: Wifi as a 2019 My Rode Reel official entry. I learned how valuable it is to plan and prepare for every circumstance you might encounter. You can never be too sure what will happen but being prepared can significantly ease the setbacks.

"With 80's pop culture making a return to..." continue reading in Chapter 5.

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