Chase hears sounds throughout his house but it seems he’s the only one. His roommates seem to neglect the obvious sounds coming from other rooms and the attic, but are his friends playing a trick on him or is there something else going on? Unsure what to do Chase decides to investigate the house to find the source of the sounds he's been hearing. What is in store for him is something only fate can decide. 

Tainted Business

There was a 2-year gap in between the release of Knock Knock and Mimic. During that time I started working for a tech-startup company where I met Red and was introduced to Freddy. Together we created a few concept films for a web series we planned to create down the line. We are still working on creating a formal storyline but until then Tainted Business is the only mini short available for viewing.

Project Crow

Another short horror was on my list of to-dos. This short horror would be based on my very own fictional creature named "The Crow". We had written the script, planned for weeks, and prepared our cast but due to unfortunate weather-related circumstances, we had to cancel the shoot. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to film, we went back to the drawing board and came up with the concept "I Heard It Again..."

I heard it again...

In the concept, I envisioned the protagonist of the film searching for the source of an unsettling sound. During the search, he stumbles across a menacing figure and CUT. Although this wasn't a complete story, it was a start. This was also my first experience using haze to add depth and ambiance to a scene. I Heard It Again... was the inspiration for the opening scene of Mimic.

Mimic Poster

The adventure Continues...

Mimic took a total of 3 days to complete. Once we decided on a plot the film was easy to shoot. I wish we had more time to prepare for Mimic because I thought the concept was awesome but the plot felt rushed. Regardless, I am very proud of the work everyone put into making this film come to life. Thank you, Freddy, Ricardo, and Jose for starring in the film and a special thanks to Red and Sam for all your help behind the scenes. 

"Every summer there is a 48-hour film competition..." continue reading in Chapter 3.

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