Chase hears sounds throughout his house but it seems he’s the only one. His roommates keep neglecting the obvious bumps and thumps coming from other rooms, but are his roommates playing tricks on him, or is something else going on? Unsure what to do Chase decides to investigate the house to find the source of the sounds he's been hearing. What is in store for him is something only fate can decide. 

The Crow

“The Crow” would have been my most ambitious project to date but due to unavoidable weather conditions, we canceled the production and went back to the drawing board. I didn’t want to waste a perfectly good opportunity to film, so a couple of the cast members and I got together and wrote a new screenplay. “Mimic” was the concept that became my second short film.

A First Time for Everything

Filming “Mimic” brought with it a lot of firsts. It was the first time I used multiple lights on set, the first time I used haze to add ambiance to a scene, and the first time I worked with a team. I learned a lot from filming “Mimic” but the greatest lesson I learned was what didn’t work and what I would never do again. Improvising an entire project during production is not something I would recommend to anyone.

2 Years Later...

“Mimic” was far from perfect but showcased my capabilities as a director at the time. Although I was proud of what I accomplished, there were many components I wished I could change. I knew I could tell the same story with fewer cuts and advanced lighting techniques so in October of 2020 that’s exactly what I did. I reshot the intro of “Mimic” and I was very pleased with the result.

Mimic Poster

The adventure Continues...

As I stated before, improvising an entire project while filming was not ideal, but the experience that came with it was one of the best I've ever had. I learned to work with a team and open my eyes to different perspectives. I think the concept of "Mimic" was unique but the execution was flawed. Flawed in the way that it was rushed and unplanned, and from this experience, I learned that there is value in planning and preparing. Even if that means planning for the worst scenario.

"Every summer, excluding 2020,  there is a..." continue reading in Chapter 3.