Memoirs of a Sinner

Perry Hernandez, a stand-up comedian from El Paso, Texas is coming to terms with the sins of his past. Perry is writing his final thoughts into his journal thinking back to simpler times when he was unaware of the cruel reality we call "life". He contemplates his past decisions wishing he could do things differently but understands that rewriting his own story is impossible. Instead, he writes his thoughts into his journal hoping that whoever reads his stories one day might learn just how precious life is beyond riches and fame.

Rules are Rules

Every summer there is a 48-hour film competition held by the El Paso Film Commission (EPFC). The competition required the production to take place in El Paso but I was interning in Phoneix at the time. Fortunately, my team was allowed to film in Phoenix as long as we followed the same guidelines as all the other participants. This meant we only had 48 hours to complete the film and hand-deliver the final product in person. Keep in mind the 6-hour drive from El Paso to Phoenix. 

All hands on deck!

Our time was extremely limited so we had to work diligently. In our guidelines we were assigned to make a Film Noir, so while Red was writing the script, Freddy and Taz suited up and got into character. Meanwhile, Sam was cutting cookies while I set up the lights and camera equipment. Once everyone was set and ready to go, we worked on blocking our scene. We planned for no cuts so we had to execute the "oner" perfectly. After a few takes, we found our winning shot and went back to my dorm to edit.

Time for everything else

Although the shooting was done we were still far from finalizing the film. We still needed to do the voice over for the narration, organize the project, and find music to complement the scene. Taz and I got straight to recording the narration while Freddy and Red organized the project and searched for music. Long story short, we completed what we needed and called it quits. We put in every ounce of energy we had left into finishing this project. You can view the original submission via the Vimeo link.

Victory is ours

The Awards Ceremony took place 2 months after submissions closed. We received 3RD PLACE! This was outstanding! I was extremely proud of our team and could not wait to celebrate with them. I was unable to drive to El Paso to attend the ceremony but I received updates throughout the night from my family and friends. I am very grateful that we were given the opportunity to film outside of El Paso. Thank you El Paso Film Commission! Also, congratulations to all those who received awards. You all definitely deserved it!

Memoirs of a Sinner Poster.jpg

The adventure Continues...

Now that time was "unlimited", I wanted to add depth to the plot of Memoirs of a Sinner. A few of my friends from the internship agreed to help with the B-Roll, so we got together one Friday evening and film the additional content. Memoirs of a Sinner - Directors Cut would not have been possible without the help of the interns! Thank you to everyone who helped make this film possible and a special thanks to the El Paso Film Commission for allowing us to participate in the competition. 

"I had just returned home from my..." continue reading in Chapter 4.

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