Knock Knock

BREAKING NEWS: The three recent murders on Delta Street remain unsolved. Reporters spoke directly to the sheriff's department who are still looking for a suspect. Detectives have no leads and believe the same un-sub is behind these three murders. The police department has advised neighbors around the area to remain safe and stay aware of your surroundings. If you see or hear of anything suspicious, please contact the police department IMMEDIATELY!

Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes on the set of Knock Knock! You will get an inside look at the making of this production. This was the first of many more films in my career as a filmmaker. The B.T.S. shows just how fun making a horror film can be. Especially when the video consists of mostly bloopers. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did filming it! 


The original version of Knock Knock was called One Late Night and, ironically, this film was planned and shot on one late night during spring break. It features two of my oldest friends, Sammy and Manny. One Late Night was never meant to be anything more than a weekend project... until it wasn't.



"Fatal" Flaws

The film did not turn out as planned and I wanted to fix the mistakes with reshoots. Unfortunately I would have to wait until the next break when Sammy returned home from college. One of the biggest issues I had with the film was the lack of detail in the darkest scenes. Every shot after the lights go out became too dark to distinguish any detail. Another issue I had was regarding the story. When the lights go out, the main character casually walks towards the danger without any motivation. Surely he wouldn't just sit around until the power turned back on, but in One Late Night, he doesn't even attempt to check the fusebox for power. Lastly, I felt like the film was simply not scary enough.

Evolution of solutions

Solution 1: Ambiance. Bring up the overall ambiance of the room using a small cheap LED light. 

Solution 2: Motivation. Somehow lure our main character out of the room. Maybe he hears knocking? 

Solution 3: Fear-factor. Add suspense knowing something is always watching our character. Creepify the fingers by adding a little black paint and long scary nails. Save the big reveal for the end!





Not again...

Re-shooting was definitely a success! Half of the film looked great while the other half looked subpar in comparison to the newly filmed sections. In retrospect, the beginning didn't drive the story forward, there were too many unnecessary cuts a lot of unmotivated camera movements. Unfortunately Sammy went back to college and reshooting was impossible until his return. This was the perfect opportunity to restructure the beginning of the story and plan out a shot list. I wanted to ensure that this would be the last shoot for this film forever.

Knock Knock Poster.jpg

The adventure Continues...

It was spring break of 2016 and we were finally able to reshoot the first half of One Late Night. At this point, the project had an entirely new concept and was a completely different film. The newly filmed scenes revolved heavily around a lure, knocking, to help drive the story forward. Knock Knock, my first ever short film, was released to the world on October 30, 2016.

"There was a 2-year gap in between..." continue reading in Chapter 2.

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