Knock Knock

BREAKING NEWS: The three recent murders on Delta Street remain unsolved. Reporters spoke directly to the sheriff's department who are still looking for a suspect. Detectives have no leads and believe the same un-sub is behind these three murders. The police department has advised neighbors around the area to remain safe and stay aware of your surroundings. If you see or hear of anything suspicious, please contact the police department IMMEDIATELY!

Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes on the set of "Knock Knock" and you will get an inside look at the making of this production. The B.T.S. shows just how fun making a short film can be but especially when the video consists of mostly bloopers. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did filming it! 


The original version of "Knock Knock" was called "One Late Night" and ironically it was shot on one late night in the spring of 2015. I felt the film could be improved upon in many ways so I requested a reshoot and over the next year, when time permitted it, we reshot the entire film. 



BAY 1.png

The First of Many

Some things I felt could be improved were the details, or lack thereof, in the darkest scenes and the motivation to drive the story forward. So during the reshoots, I added a small light to amplify the detail in the darkest scenes and altered the story to keep a flow of motivation from beginning to end. "Knock Knock", became my first official short film and the first step into my filmmaking career.

4 Years Later...

In 2020, at the start of the quarantine, I was unable to film outside my house. Motivated to more than ever, I decided to reimagine the most iconic scene from "Knock Knock", the chandelier scene. I wanted to maintain the same authentic feeling obtained from the original version while also incorporating more advanced lighting techniques. I was very pleased with the result and contemplated remaking the short film once again.

Knock Knock Poster 2020.png

The adventure Continues...

Something I took back from "Knock Knock" was that sometimes the most unexpected scenarios bear with it the greatest lessons. I find it baffling that the same story looked and felt completely different with minimal adjustments and maximum effort. 

"The Crow would have been my most..." continue reading in Chapter 2.