Whenever Nick has any sort of internal conflict, minor or serious, he turns to the two most trustworthy voices he knows. His angel, Conscious, and his devil, Temptation. Together they provide him a mix of opposing opinions that lead Nick to make the moral choice. Well... maybe not moral but definitely what feels right to Nick at the moment. He must be careful with what he chooses because with every tough decision Nick makes an even harsher consequence may follow. Let's just hope Conscious and Temptation are able to help Nick solve his very latest, very upsetting, internal turmoil.

Robots 2020

Let it be known that Decisions was only meant to be a concept film to test out robot technology. I challenged Jose to come up with a decision driven dialogue between a character, his angel "Conscience" and devil "Temptation". Jose came up with a hilarious dark comedy that is Decisions.

Test For success!

The footage we got from filming was incredible! It looked and felt like an official short film with some discrepancies. Although the film wasn’t perfect, the test was a success! We were able to find all of the underlying issues before using this technology in an official production. It saved us many future headaches in post-production and provided us with new insights to approach robot filmmaking. 

Lights, camera, reshoot!

With our newly acquired knowledge, we decided to recycle the test plot and reshoot the production. Jose took lead on editing and noticed that the color temperature kept shifting throughout the footage. We came to the conclusion that, at some point, I must have accidentally switched the white balance to auto. I didn’t notice because I stayed away to not interfere with the robot movements. Because of this, we decided it was best for Decisions to be in Black & White. Conveniently, I feel Black & White added more personality and depth to Decisions. It definitely felt like a stylistic choice.

A word of advice

In all of my previous films, I would write, direct, shoot, edit, and mix the project from start to finish. I did this because I didn’t trust anyone else to convey the idea I knew how to execute. This was obviously a toxic mentality to have. Then I received some advice that changed my perspective forever. If I'm always in control then how could I ever expect diversity in my films? If people cannot express their own creativity then how could I ever expect my films to grow? If I never let people have a different perspective from my ideas, then how could I possibly learn from them?

Decisions Poster.png

The adventure Continues...

What I learned from this is that sometimes you have to let go of your pride and trust others to add to the process. This is equally their work as it is mine. Jose is already an amazing self-taught editor but by letting go of my pride and allowing him into my process, the film turned out significantly better than I could have imagined! This was a huge step forward and a massive learning opportunity for me.

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