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DECISIONS | A 2020 Dark Comedy Short Film
Dopamine Productions

DECISIONS | A 2020 Dark Comedy Short Film



Whenever Nick has any sort of internal conflict, minor or serious, he turns to the two most trustworthy voices he knows; his angel and his devil (Conscious and Temptation). Together they provide him a mix of opposing opinions that lead Nick to make the moral choice. Well... maybe not moral but definitely what feels right to Nick at the moment. He must be careful with what he chooses because with every tough decision an even harsher consequence may follow. Let's just hope Conscious and Temptation are able to help Nick solve his very latest, very upsetting, internal turmoil.


robotic motivation

Let it be known that “Decisions” was only made to test out new robot technology I had recently purchased. The idea was to come up with a decision driven dialogue between a character, his angel, and his devil (Conscience and Temptation).

The Test For success

I was testing this technology to look for any discrepancies before using it in a high-end production. There seemed to be no issues, however, I found that editing became extremely complex at times and because of this I knew I needed help. This was the first project I worked on in which I did not take lead in the editing process.


The toxic Mentality

In all my previous films I wrote, directed, shot, edited, and mixed the project from start to finish. I never worked on post production with a team because I was scared that the project would be placed into the wrong hands and my vision would be altered or destroyed.

A word of advice

Before the project I received advice that changed my perspective forever; If people could not express their own creativity then the perspective is biased. How could I expect diversity in my films if I am the only one with complete creative control?