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THE BAT | A 2020 Horror Batman Short Film

THE BAT | A 2020 Horror Batman Short Film

Chapter 7

The Bat


A new player has emerged on the streets of Gotham. His existence only known by those with a key to the depths of the city that no mere civilian dare to see or give life to by thought. A place, only known by those who have surrendered a piece of their soul to their "work".

Born of an act of terror, driven solely by revenge and an anarchical sense of justice - the line between friend and foe is blurred. Is death reserved only for those responsible for peoples' suffering or does it extend to those who fail to protect?


One day he'll have to decide, a war on both fronts is not sustainable. Right now he's on a mission and anyone who gets in his way is complicit with those who bring suffering to the world.


Perspective shift

“The Bat” was created as a proof of concept for a much grander film. An original idea, explaining the rise of Batman from the perspective of Gotham’s most wanted criminals. A horror movie, showcasing the terror criminals would experience when being hunted by Batman.

In an Alternate Universe

This timeline takes place in 1991 when the unknown vigilante, named The Bat, is spreading fear throughout Gotham’s crime-ridden streets. In this alternate universe, The Bat is hunting his victims and slaying them in the name of justice. Justice is the cousin of order, and order is the sibling of fear.

Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 07.41.49_Origi

The Second Shift

Because budgets were limited, we opted for a secondary perspective rather than the criminals’ first-hand experience. The story would follow two Delta Force officers attempting to assassinate the leader of the Penitente Cartel. To their surprise, everyone was slaughtered, and they speculate that this is the doing of The Bat.

Knock Knock Poster.jpg

The adventure Continues...

This is the first film I executively produced and, up to this point, the biggest budget I’ve ever worked with. It was intimidating being the person in charge of everything related to the production and, at times, frustrating, but all-in-all, the experience was exhilarating! However, leadership means nothing without a fantastic team to back it up, and this production wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing group of people who helped make it happen.

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