About Me


My name is Nicholas Venecia and I am a filmmaker and an engineer.


My love for filmmaking started when I was 9 years old. I was going through cabinets and boxes that contained old family photos when I discovered a peculiar black case hidden from plain sight. Inside this case was a device that looked like a camera but not like one I had ever seen before.


One week and a "new" camcorder later, my friends and I were recreating scenes from all of our favorite movies. The only limitation to our creativity was the 30-minute recording limit of each tape. After exhausting my inventory of available unused tapes, I searched through the boxes of used tapes I was instructed to stay away from. It was all fun and games until I was caught. The worst part about it was when we found out that I recorded over my parent's wedding tape. I'll have you know they were furious with me.

The future is...?

I heard about this new technology that had just started to become very popular with the kids called "digital camcorders". I just couldn't afford one. My GoFundMe didn't take off so instead I began earning money by helping my grandfather at his spice business. After saving up enough money, I made my very first camera purchase, a JVC Everio, but our relationship didn't last because I lost the batteries and charger for the device. "It's not you, it's me".

Blurry means Professional

I believed that "blurry backgrounds" would truly define me as a cinematographer, so I saved up some money and purchased the Samsung NX 300. This camera exceeded all my expectations and the video quality from this camera was astonishing! I had never experienced bokeh before but I can, quite dramatically, say that it was life-changing! A common trend you'll see with me is that my relationship with cameras tends to be rather short. This camera was no exception. After a nasty fall, I learned an extremely valuable lesson... always take good care of your equipment because the lack of attention can lead to very expensive mistakes or a Canon 60D.

The JOURNEY Begins

The Canon 60D was a downgrade from the NX 300 in many ways, but it was also a blessing in disguise. The limitations of the camera sparked creativity in many forms. I learned how to problem-solve by making the impossible possible, how to re-adjust instead of giving up, and how to let go of something that wasn't working. This camera taught me how to be a filmmaker and I am grateful for it. 

"The original version of Knock Knock..." continue reading in Chapter 1.

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